Nayak Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. is a serious player in civil engineering sector be it in railways and roadways. Our dedication to work begets handful of awards and recognition.

Though it’s a part of our daily job to execute toughest engineering challenges, we took pleasure in mentioning some of our achievements. Such as-

Restoration of a 2 km stretch of an arterial railway track washed away by floods between Lumding and Jamunamukh in Assam; we completed the work in 49 days against the sanctioned period of 90 days.

Restoration of a natural disaster-damaged 500m stretch between Damcherra and Bandarkhal in Assam in 50 days against a sanctioned period of 60 days.

Performing works with utmost care and completing projects within due time are common phenomenon in the working culture of NIPL. It’s always our endeavour  to do things better every time and on every project- achievements are created on the way.