Community Engagement

As an infrastructure development Company our personal goals are mechanically and coincidentally connected with the social goals and gives us the pleasure of being a Community Company.

Being a community driven Company we are committed in all round development of the classes. Our projects and plans are designed in such ways that covers four squares of the society. Right from foundation laying to the completion of our projects, we involve local people in a pro-active manner.

Be it menpower or material supply to our project sites we prefer indegenious people over others. It gives them the economic sovereignty and a confidence to stand tall. The projects in all terrain areas of North-Eastern states of India left us with no other options but to develope infrastructure for our convenience in carrying men and materials, which in turn proves to be a bliss for the local community.

In our long engagement with the projects we have come up with lots of inspiring stories that not only make us happy but feel proud to be part of our society.