Nayak Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. is a forward thinking, energetic and dynamic construction Company with a motto of a nation with engineering excellence.

Being in the infrastructure sectors for more than two decades NIPL has learned techniques and developed the expertise in handling mighty projects with ease. Starting its growth story as a railway infrastructure development company, NIPL has proved its excellence in other sectors like, roadways, oil sectors too. Growing with high ambitions, the Company has done and aspires to do in future, jobs beyond its super natural capacity and the best part is it works. As a growth striver, NIPL sees its targets that others not even dare to thought for.

The past experiences of NIPL are very overwhelming. It has taken some very tough decisions in performing its jobs and taken lots of bold steps to accomplish its targets. Its true that though things were not always in its favour yet it comes across a long way to enter the selective group of top infrastructure companies of North-East India. At present, the Company is operating across all the states of North-East India, West Bengal, Rajasthan and Nepal.

Being an team oriented Company, NIPL works hard to simplify the technological complexities and convey the work thoughts across the downline of workforce. At NIPL, co-ordination and sharing of ideas are very part of the work culture. It not only helps us in fulfilling our targets in time but creates an atmosphere of fellowship.

As team, NIPL thinks no goal is too big, no sky is too high to achieve if you have strong determination and a zeal to win out of adversities. NIPL knows its values, and hence its never hard for it to take decisions.